This is my personal blog. Some thoughts and observation will go here. No more, no less. For further reference, I have a github account here.

Tech stuff

0x00 - Install Debian Stretch on PCEngines APU2
0x01 - Use the original Bugblat PIF on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3
0x02 - Bugblat PIF VHDL example project
0x03 - Use STM32 Bluepill with Lora on Arduino
0x04 - Everything and a Kitchensink - Firmware Talk at GPN19
0x05 - The State of Analog Photography and how to build a bridge towards the Digital Domain; Talk at GPN20

Cooking stuff (DE)

0x00 - Apfelkuchen
0x01 - Käsekuchen mit Früchten
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